[VALUE PACK] Bundle of 2 Wedges

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Tigerline Precision wedges are without question among the most iconic and successful golf. They deliver exceptional performance both on full shots and around the green. They have been designed to deliver maximum spin, and their shaping and sole design combine to give players the best chance for success from even the most difficult of lies in sand or rough around the green. They are available in lofts of 56 and 58 degrees, available for right-handed players only.


  • Conforming grooves with enhanced dimensions for maximum spin
  • Sole design gives players the versatility they need to play any shot around the green
  • Sleek Tour Satin finish will not show glare in sunlight
  • Shaft Flex:Wedge
  • Stock Grip: Tigerline Wedge
[VALUE PACK] Bundle of 2 Wedges - Tigerline Golf